8 Jan 2023

Customer Database Software API

I had to help someone recently import leads from their website into their CRM Software (customer database app).  They have a RESTFul API so it was fairly straightforward.   I got the API key from the API settings
2 Jun 2019

PHPStan Code Review Comments Against a PR

Basic overview on getting PHPStan to post errors as code review comments on a pull request.
8 Apr 2017

Passwords In PHP Code

You could have a site/app that scores A+ on SSL checker, have the best http security headers, use the best WAF and have full marks from an external penetration test but there are a few things that could still come
29 Mar 2017

Building a test server for a php application

While working on an PHP based application with an ever expanding team of developers and an emphasis on not breaking existing functionality at the same time as developing many new features it started becoming clear the current
31 Jul 2015

Creating A PHP Login

Creating a user login is something very commonly however all to often done poorly and not very securely. In this guide we’ll walk though some key points with example code explaining the reasoning on why each part