19 Jan 2023

Is a Chromebook good for coding?

The short answer is yes, a Chromebook can be great for coding. I wasn’t sure how I’d get on having previously only used Windows laptops (Dell XPS 12 & 13), I didn’t know how well my favorite
14 Jan 2023

Using Git on a Chromebook

When using my Chromebook I mostly use the command line when using Git but sometimes I find it easier (and quicker) to use a GUI when looking back at history and being able to visually understand who’s
11 Jan 2023

Git Cheatsheet

The top 10 most common git commands along with examples are listed below. Random fact – Git stands for Global Information Tracker.  Summary of the most common Git commands git init: Initializes a new Git repository. git
8 Jan 2023

Customer Database Software API

I had to help someone recently import leads from their website into their CRM Software (customer database app).  They have a RESTFul API so it was fairly straightforward.   I got the API key from the API settings
13 Jul 2018

Bitbucket Approvals on Jira Cards/Boards

What/Why… I wanted to show pull request approvals from BitBucket on a Jira board without having to open individual stories to see this information. It helps identify stories needing to be progressed or regressed, for example if
20 Jun 2018

Getting The Most From Code Review

A few years while working at a start up I needed to improve the development practices of a growing team to reduce remediation issues that were increasing after every release. I started off by attending a local