Getting The Most From Code Review

A few years while working at a start up I needed to improve the development practices of a growing team to reduce remediation issues that were increasing after every release. I started off by attending a local user group in Bristol which turned out to be a fantastic place to find out what other teams were doing and gave me an idea on the sorts of things I could implement easily which had the highest value. It set me down a path of many hours watching YouTube videos and spending my evenings at meetups locally and in London to find out how large companies like Facebook carried out testing, code review and deployments.

Today code review has become an invaluable part of the process, it evenly shares our knowledge of the system, aligns the teams styles/standards, helps catch issues early and has lead to a higher level of code quality being produced by developers knowing that it will be reviewed by their peers.

I recently saw this video by Dave Liddament talking at PHP SW, for me it perfectly sums up how to get the most from code review. If you need to make the business case as to why the company should spend time on code review this video will help explain it in a clear and straight forward manor.

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