Hack Like A God

After loving the previous book by Sparc FLOW I had to buy his new book “How To Hack Like A God” (also known as “How to Hack A Fashion Brand”). I wasn’t sure how much of the book would be a rehashing of the concepts from the previous book but when it arrived I really wasn’t disappointed at all.

The style of writing remains the same as before, like the last book it left me excited to try some of his methods and lead me to start thinking how they could be applied in all sorts of different contexts.

The book starts off by stepping through setting up a device (a Raspberry Pi Zero) to gain access to the network of a large fashion company with the end goal of remotely recording board meetings.

Although it seems so obvious now (maybe because it seemed so blatant to actually connect a physical device to the network) I hadn’t comprehended this as a viable way to gain a foothold into a network. It’s changed the way I think about trusting physical entry points to the network (and exploiting networks from the inside).

Hack Like A God is available from Amazon, it’s free on Kindle Unlimited or £11.65 in paperback. I thoroughly recommend anyone interested in software development, system admin/ops or pen testers/hackers to give it a read.

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