2 Jun 2019

PHPStan Code Review Comments Against a PR

Basic overview on getting PHPStan to post errors as code review comments on a pull request.
7 Dec 2018

Symlink – ln -s source target

Reminder for myself - symbolic link example.
13 Jul 2018

Bitbucket Approvals on Jira Cards/Boards

What/Why… I wanted to show pull request approvals from BitBucket on a Jira board without having to open individual stories to see this information. It helps identify stories needing to be progressed or regressed, for example if
9 Jul 2018

Steelcon 2018

This was the second year I’ve made it up to Steelcon and it was great fun. My favourite part is always the workshops on the Friday, this year I attended: Bluetooth hacking with James Ogden (@linuxthor) which
21 Jun 2018

One Container To Control Them All

In most circumstances isolation between containers is a good thing allowing you to expose only the services you need. There maybe times you want to do something like running docker in docker which has it’s own problems.
20 Jun 2018

Getting The Most From Code Review

A few years while working at a start up I needed to improve the development practices of a growing team to reduce remediation issues that were increasing after every release. I started off by attending a local
3 Jun 2018

Defeating Password Managers

Over the last few years the use of password managers such as Dashlane, 1Password and LastPass have become common place in organisations. They’ve also been highly promoted as good practice by almost every security expert including password god
2 Mar 2018

Race Condition Database Container

When running acceptance tests we would destroy the database container after each test so the next test would start from known point and thus wouldn’t be affected by any prior tests. Every now and then our tests would
2 Mar 2018

Bsides Leeds 2018

Back in January I traveled up to Leeds to attend the first ever Bsides Leeds. There was a meetup on the evening before the event with a couple of talks planned that didn’t end up happening, although it
25 Aug 2017

Investigate Like A Rockstar

The latest book by Sparc FLOW happily coincided with a few days off I had France. This book comes from the perspective of a forensic analyst tasked with the initial response after a security incident has been identified at a (fictional)