5 Apr 2017

Step by step process for breaking into a Bank

After hearing about a new book titled “How to Hack Like a PORNSTAR: A step by step process for breaking into a BANK” on twitter recently I ordered myself a copy at the weekend and read it
1 Apr 2017

Dump Linux desktop password – mimipenguin

The user huntergrgal on GitHub has today posted a shell script that will dump the login password for the current Linux desktop user. It takes advantage of the cleartext credentials in memory by dumping the process and extracting lines that have a
30 Mar 2017

SQLi Dumper – SQL Injection for anyone

Recently I’ve seen quite a few SQL injection attempts originating from an application called SQLi Dumper. The web applications being attacked were not susceptible to SQL injection and are behind my favourite web application firewall (Incapsula) which
29 Mar 2017

Building a test server for a php application

While working on an PHP based application with an ever expanding team of developers and an emphasis on not breaking existing functionality at the same time as developing many new features it started becoming clear the current
27 Mar 2017

Ryzen Overclocking

Following from building my new PC (blogged here), it was time to have a go at a little bit of overclocking. Memory Speed Ryzen likes higher memory speeds as the CCX Interconnect Infinity Fabric (the way 4 of
27 Mar 2017

Security Headers

When returning a http request the web server will pass extra information about the site/server back to the browser in the form of headers. Some of these will can add protection for your visitors while others could leak
26 Mar 2017

Water Cooled PC – Part 1

It was time for a new PC after donating my old Intel 2500k based PC to my uncle, who has never actually owned a PC before so I suspect I may get called out for a few training sessions.
21 Mar 2017

Three Suffer Data Breach

The UK Mobile phone company Three has suffered a data breach it was reported yesterday by The Guardian. Reports suggest when customers were logging into their accounts they were presented with the names, addresses, phone numbers and
21 Mar 2017

Remove All Images & Containers

Some helpful commands to clear down old Docker containers/images. Update As of 1.13.0, see the new prune commands: # Commands docker container prune # Remove all stopped containers docker volume prune # Remove all unused volumes docker
19 May 2016

Sendmail / PHP Mail Being Slow

First off it’s always a good idea to queue your email messages in your application then process them separately with a regular cron job etc. This improves the user experience by cutting the waiting for the mail