Pi Zero W & Kali

The Raspberry Pi Zero W can be bought for under £10 which is amazing value for the computing power it possesses. It’s also the smallest of the various models of Raspberry Pi’s which make it great for stealth if you need to hide or disguise it if you want to perform an ethical hack for example.

Why Kali
Kali is an advanced penetration testing Linux distribution and can be run on the Pi. The stealthy Pi is perfect for sneakily connecting to a network (via wifi or ethernet) then having Kali automatically tunnel out to an external machine you control. This will let you use a very powerful tool on an internal network while you are external to it, an idea talked about in “How to Hack a Fashion Brand” by Sparc Flow.

Other Possible Uses
The Pi Zero opens up may other possible hacks/attacks due to it’s size and how light it is compared the previous Pi’s. This could mean a cheap drone could carry a device used to exploit software/wifi of other drones in the sky, or one could be hidden easily inside a set of headphones/telephone/air diffuser etc.

Kali Installation Pi Zero W
Some of the official images do not currently work on the new Pi Zero W however a security researcher known as Re4sone has released an image that works very nicely.

Download from https://whitedome.com.au/re4son/download/kali-linux-2-1-2-armel-re4son/ (ARMEL (Pi 1/Zero/Zero W))

Once downloaded use Win32 Disk Image to write the image to an SD card, DD should work for Mac/Linux but I haven’t personally used that.

Put the SD card in and boot into Kali, remembering to update everything by running:
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

It’s also a good idea to update the default password (passwd).

Setting up SSH tunnels etc I’ll cover another time as it’s starting to get late!




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